Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturday night in Vancouver

We were privileged over the weekend to attend the corporate opening party of Visions of British Columbia: A landscape Manual, at the Vancouver Art Gallery, which was sponsored by Raymond James Limited.   See VAG description below...

It was really inspiring to see and hear Rusty Goepel, one of the founders of Goepel McDermid Inc, (which eventually became Raymond James Limited).  Rusty is also one of the visionaries who has been working on bringing the Olympics to Vancouver since the early days when just a handful of people put together a bid corporation and worked to produce Vancouver's successful bid for these Games.   Today he is the chairman of the Board of Directors of VANOC.  You could say that Rusty is largely responsible for our relocation to Vancouver, and we are definitely feeling happy about that these days!    

The Art Gallery has a huge illuminated video screen on the Robson Street facade which was projecting creative videos with music, with quite a vibe.  Right across the street is Robson Square and the already opened GE Plaza and the outdoor skating rink.  What a buzz of activity, and good family fun.   The city is officially aflutter with excitement, and new visitors are out on the streets in their uniforms.

Just look HOW GLITTERY Robson Square looked on Saturday night.   We stopped by Bacchus, the lovely bar of the Wedgewood Hotel after the party, and it was full of CTV dignitaries.  The Wedgewood is quite near the CTV headquarters and CTV is building a big broadcast booth right in the middle of Robson Street for their nightly news broadcasts.


Visions of British Columbia: A Landscape Manual is an extensive two-floor survey of art that represents the variety and richness of artistic vision in British Columbia. The exhibition highlights key artistic practices that have recorded, communicated and shaped the public perception of this region and defined a collective consciousness of this place. Drawn primarily from the Gallery's rich permanent collection and supplemented with key loans, this exhibition includes landscapes, cityscapes and portraits in a variety of media that speak to the diversity of British Columbia, its peoples and its histories.

The subtitle of the exhibition refers to Jeff Wall's Landscape Manual, an inexpensively produced booklet self-published in 1969, in which the artist provides commentary on the making of landscape photographs. Similarly, the artists in this exhibition have studied the people and places of British Columbia and have made work which, when shown together, offers a guide that can be used to negotiate the many narratives and experiences of the province. The exhibition focuses on the art of 37 artists, including Roy Arden, B.C. Binning, Emily Carr, Robert Davidson, Gathie Falk, Brian Jungen, Scott McFarland, Liz Magor, Susan Point, Bill Reid, Jack Shadbolt, Gordon Smith, John Vanderpant, Frederick Varley, Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace and many others.

Visions of British Columbia: A Landscape Manual has been possible thanks to the generosity of our presenting sponsor, Raymond James Ltd., and major support from the Province of British Columbia. Additional financial support was provided by supporting sponsor, Vancouver Airport Authority, and the Vancouver Foundation. Curated by Bruce Grenville, senior curator, with Emmy Lee, assistant curator. 


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