Friday, January 22, 2010

Olympics Coundown.

You may have seen a cute countdown clock on my block before.  When comparing it to the countdown clock I put on my desktop, I noticed to my horror and amusement that it's WRONG!  It's off by one day.

I checked on my calendar and agree, but most importantly, I checked against the 2010 site and yup, every single widget countdown clock I can find on the web is OFF by ONE DAY!   AHAHA.  What are all these people going to do when they show up for the opening ceremonies a day early?     So I deleted the clock.  I'll probably put up another, but it might not have the fancy 2010 inukshuk logo.

Events for Non Vancouverites

Three weeks to the games now, and we are waiting for snow.  At least the rain has abated.  It's a nice Spring day here really.   The torch is in BC and events are heating up.  The Cultural Olympiad starts today.  There is a new ballet based on Joni Mitchell songs opening up today, we will see a play Beyond Eden next week starring John Mann (vocalist for Spirit of the West) and well known actor Tom Jackson.  It revolves around removal of Haida totem poles from their natural spiritual surroundings and being brought to museums by white men.    Not to get too serious, we are also seeing a comedy show featuring Shaun Majumder and Sean Cullen.  Huh.  Never noticed until this moment that these two funny but completely different guys have the same first name.  Spelled differently of course.   Brown and Silly, and White and Droll.  Should be a good laugh.  

I was talking to JD about how they might be watching the Olympics in Toronto and how they might get involved. You might be interested in these items: 

There is a 2010 Olympic celebration at Nathan Philips square on February 20th.  I hope you all go together!  (Don't ask me why there is no celebration in Ottawa for this, ... anyone in Ottawa care to comment?  Is there anything going on in your town around this??)

Also, you can watch events, I think including opening ceremonies on the BIG screen at Cinpelex theaters (even in Ottawa) .... Check it out

Happy Friday! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


from Yahoo Sports to the world:  

LEANNE ITALIE Associated Press Writer
Have a sit-down on the chesterfield with your double-double and learn ya some Canadian.
With the caveat that not all Canadians may agree on the language, definitions and spellings below, and not all may use all expressions listed here all the time in all contexts in an all-joking or an all-earnest manner, let’s begin:
LOONIE: One-dollar coin bearing the image on one side of a diving bird known in North America as the Common Loon.
TOONIE or TWOONIE: Two-dollar coin bearing the image on one side of a polar bear. Named as a play on Loonie and for its double-dollar denomination.
DOUBLE-DOUBLE: A coffee with two creams and two sugars.
TRIPLE-TRIPLE: You guessed it, same as above plus one each.
CHESTERFIELD: Generic term for couch. Refers elsewhere to a specific leather style.
TIMMIES: Shorthand for Tim Hortons, Canada’s answer to Starbucks and making its first foray into the United States.
TIMBITS: Doughnut holes at Tim Hortons.
TWO-FOUR OR TWOFER: A case of beer that contains 24 bottles.
TOQUE or TUQUE: Pronounced TOOK, a knit cap called a ski cap in the United States.
THAT’LL LEARN YA: Meaning, “That will teach you,” said in response to a stupid or non-fatal avoidable bad outcome.
HYDRO: In some areas, refers generically to electrical power and power bills.
HOMO MILK: Non-homogenized milk.
THE Island:  Vancouver Island 
the Bill:   Check 
Pop:  Soda 
Mountie:  Those good looking fellas in Red, on the Horse
Serviette:  Paper Napkin 
Bud:  Not a beer, but our big BC herbal crop. 
Mullet:  a hockey haircut from the '80s or the suburbs.  Let's hope we don't see too many. 

Here's a fun guide to Canada for Americans

Let me know if you have any more to add.... 

Torch Video Diary

This fellow reports regularly with daily updates of the torch progress. It looks like he may be having a bit too much fun though - he's behind by about a week.  Still, he does a better job than I can, and it does look fun!

Torch Relay

Did you see the Olympic torch when it came through your town?
If not, you can catch up with some nice Youtube videos describing it's tour. It's so nice to see Canadians far and wide celebrating their Olympic spirit, together. If you search Youtube you can find videos of it going through many small Canadian towns and landmarks, even through Sick Kid's Hospital in Toronto with a rousing chorus of Oh Canada. I was fortunate enough to see it start it's run in Victoria BC on the first day (October 30th) and should be able to see it come through Vancouver on February 12th. Insha'Allah. :o)