Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Holland House ....

Holland has sold out to BEER.  Holland House has been substituted with  Holland HEINEKEN House!  

They expect to serve beer to 4,000 people every night until 2:00 am with DJs and medal ceremonies on site.    The hospitality site is located at the Richmond OZone Celebration site 

Fine print in the website also reveals a Lodge Restaurant that seats only 150, and accepts reservations by email.  It's great to find this out ahead of time, so I was able to get a dinner reservation on the day we have a speed skating event in richmond.   We'll be able to take our new Skytrain down to the new Skating Oval and then amuse ourselves at the Richmond OZone Celebration site with some live  music and games, before our Heineken and bitterballen....  They're promising an unforgettable experience.... (if you don't over do the beers!) 

Life is good! 


  1. Hey! Where have I seen that picture before?


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