Sunday, March 14, 2010

Paralympic Saturday

I did go out on Friday noon to the the Paralympic Torch run through my neighbourhood.  It was a pretty low key even with only a few hundred observers, mainly thanks to a group of school kids gathered on a corner on Denman Street.  Global TV came by on Friday afternoon for a spot they aired Friday night and I think Saturday morning.   It was right after the opening story about the Opening of the Paralympic Games.  They did a really nice piece on it.  So we did get a bit of renewed interest, and are looking forward to hitting 7,000 today.   I uploaded it to Phanfare if you want to have a look: 

Click Here to See Global TV's spot.  

We tried to find the spirit of the Paralympic games downtown on Saturday.  Alas, it is just not the same as the Big Games.  We walked through downtown a bit, over to the live site where we met Sumi and took in a bit of wheelchair curling.  We were expecting Sledge Hockey though, and the curling just didn't measure up, so we went to a Pub for the rest of the afternoon instead.  Eventually it filled with pre-game Canuck fans which proved a decent simulation of Olympic Spirit, and kept us going through the day. 

We came home and watched the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies which we had taped.  Yay us!  Yay Terry Fox... can we even imagine how his parents felt bringing that torch into the big stadium 30 years after their son's Marathon of Hope?  Amazing.