Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ready, Set . . .

Last Night I was really priviledged to see the final Dress Rehearsal for the Olympic Opening Ceremeonies!  Yay!   Coming from the West End, we decided to take a Georgia Street bus rather than the skytrain.  Bad decision.  You are made to walk all the way around the Stadium Skytrain Station, through China town and around to the far side of BC Place.  Yes, of course it was raining!    Anyway, the moral of that long story is that you must GO WITH THE FLOW, keep smiling and if all they offer at the end of the road is Molson Beer, drink it up anyway!  

We had a blast at our two seats in the upper level, but dead centre for an excellent vantage point to see everything in the stadium.  What fun, great talent, great show.    I really can't wait to see it on Friday on TV.  I can't tell you anything else, or VanOC will hunt me down and kill me!  No, really, I promised John Furlong I wouldn't say a word. 

The Live celebration site in Yaletown will host a big Olympic Torch celebration tonight beginning at 4:30.  The torch should arrive at 8 pm.  Organizers are expecting a BIG crowd, but David Lam Park apparently only holds 6,000 people.  

For Opening Day tomorrow, LiveCity Yaletown will be showing video recordings of all the past Opening Ceremonies from Winter Olympics since Calgary 1988.   There is a Vancouver pre-show from 4 until 6, and the BIG SHOW will start at 6 p.m. local time.   It should be a great place to watch the Opening Ceremonies, as there is a big light show every night to finish off the celebration.   

For a full schedule of daily free events at the two LiveCity sites, click here:

OMG, I can't believe it's really starting!   But I do BELIEVE! 

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