Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Holland House ....

Holland has sold out to BEER.  Holland House has been substituted with  Holland HEINEKEN House!  

They expect to serve beer to 4,000 people every night until 2:00 am with DJs and medal ceremonies on site.    The hospitality site is located at the Richmond OZone Celebration site 

Fine print in the website also reveals a Lodge Restaurant that seats only 150, and accepts reservations by email.  It's great to find this out ahead of time, so I was able to get a dinner reservation on the day we have a speed skating event in richmond.   We'll be able to take our new Skytrain down to the new Skating Oval and then amuse ourselves at the Richmond OZone Celebration site with some live  music and games, before our Heineken and bitterballen....  They're promising an unforgettable experience.... (if you don't over do the beers!) 

Life is good! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

F U N is coming to town!

Can I go every day?  How long will the line up be for this fun!??

It's  F-R-E-E

I seriously can't wait.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just 11

My lucky number is 11.  Specifically 11:11, that special time of day when all the digits on my clock are the same (unless you're using a 24 hour clock, in which case you have 22:22 as well).  It seems 10 times out of 11,  I just "happen" to look at the clock and notice when it's 11:11.   I usually sing a little chime out loud, or at least in my head, if I'm around people.

Anyway, check out this photo that Mike took this morning on his way to work.  

I feel lucky, oh so lucky.... !   

You can see in the background our Art Gallery which you may notice looks like it's gift-wrapped... it's a work of art by artist Michael Lin.  It's a nearly 6,000-square-foot mural titled A Modest Veil.  "Using the exuberant floral patterns of Taiwanese fabric, the work covers the Gallery's entire northern exterior and is dramatically transforming this high-traffic area.... ". 

Feverishly Polishing up!

It's a beehive of carpenters, painters and merchandisers (not to even mention the poor snow team) building, buffing, painting and priming for the big games out there today.  Only one more Monday before the games.  I can't believe it's almost here, after all this waiting.

I couldn't resist one more visit to the Olympic Super Store for some more Canadian booster wear!  

So far, I have:

  • White Parka.  Too warm for it now I think! 
  • Green Pullover 
  • Green long sleeve "technical" pullover 
  • Black long sleeve tee
  • Red Long sleeve tee 
  • couple misc. tee's 
  • RED MITTENS  of course! 
  • A little clip on Miga and MukMuk 
  • Red Canada Scarf - plaid on one side, big letters "CANADA" on the reverse, for waiving in the crowd! 
  • My original 1988 Calgary Olympics Po-boy hat.  
Look, I told you this blog was cultural, not sporty, didn't I??  I'm a snow bunny!  If only we had snow..... 

Great Videos

Video of the day

There are so many great promotional videos floating through cyberspace right now about our beautiful city, but I really like this one by TimeLapseHD.... lovely night shots - it will make you appreciate our misty fog in a new way. Check it out: