Thursday, February 11, 2010

Final Torch Runs in Vancouver

Did you know that you can watch LIVE streaming video of the torch relay?  No?  Well, you have one more day, and you'll be able to see it coming through rainy Vancouver. The day is just starting to brighten now, and it's coming our way!  It will be around the West Side of Vancouver today, out to UBC and Burnaby.  Tomorrow I'll be able to see it come by Lost Lagoon in my beloved park on it's final day.  Oooh I'm sooooo excited!!! 

See it live here: 

You may need a plug-in, but it's the main CTV video format, so you'll probably need it by the end of the Olympics anyway.  I think I'll leave the live torch relay on my computer full time until the end tomorrow!  There's a map showing where it is, and a live feed showing the crowds.   They don't tell you who is carrying it, but you can hear the crowds whoohoooo-ing.  Sweet! 

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