Monday, February 1, 2010

Feverishly Polishing up!

It's a beehive of carpenters, painters and merchandisers (not to even mention the poor snow team) building, buffing, painting and priming for the big games out there today.  Only one more Monday before the games.  I can't believe it's almost here, after all this waiting.

I couldn't resist one more visit to the Olympic Super Store for some more Canadian booster wear!  

So far, I have:

  • White Parka.  Too warm for it now I think! 
  • Green Pullover 
  • Green long sleeve "technical" pullover 
  • Black long sleeve tee
  • Red Long sleeve tee 
  • couple misc. tee's 
  • RED MITTENS  of course! 
  • A little clip on Miga and MukMuk 
  • Red Canada Scarf - plaid on one side, big letters "CANADA" on the reverse, for waiving in the crowd! 
  • My original 1988 Calgary Olympics Po-boy hat.  
Look, I told you this blog was cultural, not sporty, didn't I??  I'm a snow bunny!  If only we had snow..... 


  1. The only thing you are missing is a seal pelt and a Canada flag tatoo!


  2. hahahah Mike has the flag tatooo .... ! ??


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