Monday, February 1, 2010

Just 11

My lucky number is 11.  Specifically 11:11, that special time of day when all the digits on my clock are the same (unless you're using a 24 hour clock, in which case you have 22:22 as well).  It seems 10 times out of 11,  I just "happen" to look at the clock and notice when it's 11:11.   I usually sing a little chime out loud, or at least in my head, if I'm around people.

Anyway, check out this photo that Mike took this morning on his way to work.  

I feel lucky, oh so lucky.... !   

You can see in the background our Art Gallery which you may notice looks like it's gift-wrapped... it's a work of art by artist Michael Lin.  It's a nearly 6,000-square-foot mural titled A Modest Veil.  "Using the exuberant floral patterns of Taiwanese fabric, the work covers the Gallery's entire northern exterior and is dramatically transforming this high-traffic area.... ". 

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  1. XD Make a wish! There's a resturant on my route to school that is covered in fabric.


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