Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Letter to Mr. Campbell

I sent this email to the very vague "contact at BC Liberals" email address which is the closest I could find to Mr. Campbell's email... I wonder if he's heard about the petition... what do you think the chances of him personally reading my message?  

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Mr. Gordon Campbell
Premier of British Columbia,

I had an idea for a BC Holiday to honour our 2010 Experience.  You know – that time when all of us from different places, backgrounds, colours and languages, came together as ONE HAPPY FAMILY and actually ENJOYED each other’s company?  The one when we were unified in our pride, happiness, and maybe just a bit giddy to be so lucky as to BE FROM HERE?  

You might have heard about my petition to start a new Provincial Statutory Holiday – Glowing Hearts Day.  Already in less than a week, more than 5,680 happy citizens have signed it.  

The petition was mine, but the editorial from The North Shore News says it all better than I could:  

"GLOWING HEARTS  North Shore News
Published: Wednesday, March 10, 2010

THIS paper has been inundated with story suggestions from life coaches, fitness trainers and volunteer organizers as to how they are harnessing or building on the collective high the majority of us experienced during the Games.

We think it's exciting that individuals are actively trying to maintain that confluence of positive energy British Columbia generated in February. And if the B.C. Liberals were smart, they would already be collecting, grading and facilitating some of the best. This might be a time when just a little government help in terms of expertise or marketing might have a huge cost/benefit outcome for all of us.
We especially like Vancouver interior designer Katie Holmes' call for a February statutory holiday in memory of the Olympics. She suggests calling it Glowing Hearts Day -- which might seem a little over the top until one recalls that unification was one of the most positive themes of the Games.

We've called for a February stat before, and we don't buy the government's "lost productivity" argument. Sure, a day off costs the economy. But so does spurious sick leave when folks take a mental health day as a break from the winter blahs. We don't think the net loss would be anywhere near the $270-million figure Labour Minister Murray Coell gloomily predicts. And what if Glowing Hearts Day was dedicated to volunteering: one deed for the betterment of others. That's productivity.

You can view and sign on to Holmes' petition at . “

Some people are suggesting other names, like “Hockey Day”,  or “Family Day” or “Patriot Day”.  Glowing Hearts is an obvious tie-in with our National Anthem and the theme of the Olympic Games, but we would be happy to have a day to remember our experience, no matter what the name is.  Many people would like this to eventually become a national holiday – that’s how passionate they feel about their Olympic experience.  What a great legacy!

The petition includes a comments field, and we are receiving many positive comments like,    
“The Olympics that were held in Vancouver unified a whole nation and mosaic of different backgrounds/races”
“especially for all of us volunteers and employees who put their hearts out for these games”
“We definitely need a day to celebrate in the what is normally a dreary month. Wouldn't it be grand if every year we could remember the excitement and patriotism we felt during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. It was truly magical and made me even more proud to be a Canadian...we are so fortunate to live here!”
“A great way to keep the Olympic spirit going”  
It goes on for 142 Pages.

A New Statutory Holiday represents a great opportunity to leave a legacy in our hearts.   When the petition is printed and delivered, I really hope that you and your legislative colleagues will give it serious thought.

Do you think you could pass this email onto Mr. John Furlong?  He’s a hero for how well he represented you, the Olympics, and all of us here in BC.  I’d be happy if he would hear about our petition and the positive feedback from our citizens.  

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  1. So I totally thought you were sending this as an email to me... so I replied to your gmail acct. Found his real email address.



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