Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Controversy Growing over Glowing

1700 Signatures on THE PETITION yesterday.  Crazy.  I have surely hit on a hot topic, or a sore point.  Here's an updated story from The Province newspaper.  
Oh, and here's another humuorous one from the same paper, but this one has one of your typical cranky B.C. skeptic points of view: 
S/he thinks it would be better to have a holiday on February 29th.  Every four years.  Let's have some celebration, but not TOO MUCH, eh?  We're Vancouverites after all, and apparently we should get back to our reputation as a "NO FUN" city, as soon as possible.  
People continue to blog, tweet and sign the petition!  It's the 7th most popular Canadian petition at GoPetition.com EVER, and is about to beat a similar petition launched by Quebecers to have Family Day in their Province.  That petition took over TWO YEARS to reach 4498.  We're at 4389 in 4.5 DAYS!  

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