Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 17 Final Day - "GLOWING HEARTS DAY"

Our friends Brent and Missy invited us over to the Jericho tennis club to watch the big hockey game with them, and we thought it might be fun to watch it with a crowd, so took them up on the offer.  Indeed it was a good time, and the caesars helped provide a little hair of the dog from the night before.  What a heart-stopper when the USA scored with just 24 seconds left to tie the game at the end of the 3rd period, eh?  

Thank goodness for Sidney Crosby!  (did you hear, his gloves and hockey stick have gone mysteriously astray....) He's our hero!  

We took a ride back to the Kits side of the Burrard bridge and walked home from there, because a cab or bus would have been a little pointless with all those crowds in the street!  We didn't brave Robson Street which I know was crowded beyond capactity until the wee hours of the morning, but we did amuse ourselves with the fans on Davie and down Denman.  Lots of hooting, high-fives, flag waving and horn-tooting all around.  Hard to imagine this going on coast to coast to coast, isn't it?  But 16.6 million people across Canada watched the game and another 10 milion watched part of the game at least.  That's about 80% of us and makes that game the most watched TV event in history.  Kate is maybe even a fan now.... 

I think significant though, and testament to the Olympic Games spirit that we were all part of, is that the Closing Ceremonies were the second most watched TV event ever.  Amazing.

Seeing as how there is no February holiday in BC Mike and I are going to start a petition to start a holiday for February 28th every year.  Maybe we could call it Hockey Day, but maybe "Glowing Hearts Day" will work... what do you think?  

This photo sums up the hockey game results!

And these will give you an idea of the mood on the street after!  

More photos are HERE

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