Friday, March 5, 2010

CTV Interview

Hopefully, my petition is going to "get legs" and "go viral"!!

Right after that News 1130 interview, there was another message from a CTV reporter.  She wanted to SEND A CAMERAMAN over!  Heck, I would have washed my hair today, instead of gardening and cleaning the windows, EH?  :-)    But of course, I readily agreed, and he came over.

It should be a rather short spot on our 11:30 news tonight.  Not a seriously big deal, but I must say, the most FREE fun I've had ALL WEEK! 

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  1. Facebook is a good way to "get legs" and "go viral". Someone started a group and I've been trying to give it "legs". Perhaps you could post it on your blog
    The group is called "Glowing Hearts Day".
    We need MORE members!


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