Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day Three Activities

Today is Sunday, end of the first weekend.... the big problem with this big event we've been so looking forward to, is how QUICKLY it's all going to ZOOM by us! 
It was a GORGEOUS day in Vancouver today.  We took it easy for the morning, reading our special edition Globe and Mail and then took a walk in Coal Harbour over to see the new Olympic Flame burning in Coal Harbour.  As far as you can get up to that big chain link fence that surrounds it anyway.  Security has gone a bit far in this city lately.  We considered going to the Saxony House at the Rowing Club but one look at the lineup convinced us otherwise.  
We were on our way to Yaletown when we could FEEL the excitement building on the moguls hills... we popped into a local Waves coffee house on Pacific to watch the awesome Freestyle ski run by Alex Bilodeau and his GOLD medal win.  Go Canada!!! 

We were a bit disappointed that they have only Coke and No Molsons, at Yaletown so no beer tent. There is a beer tent at the Downtown site, but Yaletown is "family friendly" ... funny, not more than a handful of kids were there, most memorably a newborn whom her parents had protected wisely with some huge headphones. :-)  We did run into our friend Suzanne though.  We saw a couple of bands, lined up for a Samsung Pavilion and opened a little happiness at the Coke Pavilion before we were cold enough to call it a day.  Yes, it was actually chilly out there tonight.  The weather is turning sunny which means cold nights and beautiful days.  I think the rain is GONE! 

Just came in to hear the evening news that General Admission tickets to Snowboard Cross is cancelled tomorrow because the terrain was washed out from all the rain.  We do have some general admission tickets later in the games, and we are going to Snowboard Cross, but have double checked, and yes, we have seats for tomorrow.  Should be a LOT less crowded on Cypress tomorrow.  A little bonus for us.  

That's exciting because there really are alot of crowds here.  Here's a screen shot from a Webcam viewing Robson Street in the middle of the afternoon today:    A few more folks than usual! 

If you would like to see more of our photos from today, CLICK HERE  

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