Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day Six - Mens 1000M Speed Skating

The weather is now a beautiful Vancouver Winter... BRIGHT Sunshine, cold nights, warm afternoons and glittery scenery.  Just what we've been hoping for.  I'll have to go out and get some cherry blossom photos.  

We took the train down to Richmond to the new oval and took in the 1000M Mens Speed Skating.  The Dutch really love this sport and have some great skaters.  They must feel really at home in flat Richmond, and brought 400 bikes with them you can rent (for free) and ride between the OZone and the Oval.  They showed up in DROVES to cheer on their men, most of them wearing their trademark orange colour and crazy hats or orange crazy wigs.  That didn't work - they came in 4,5, and 6th.  There were two Americans and a Korean in the medals.  Shani Davis of the USA continues to dominate and win gold, and the Silver was won by Tae-Bum Mo who has won gold in the 5000M as well.  

We walked down to the OZone (our feet are getting plenty of work these days) and took in the chilly outdoor attractions for a while, watching some events and the gold medal presentation to our Maelle Richer (Ladies Snowboard Cross Gold Medalist).  

Luckily, I had reserved dinner at the Holland Heineken House, and that allowed us to by pass a line up that appeared to be a couple of hours long.  It was mighty cold out and I don't think I could have done it, which accounts in part why most of the revelers there look to be in their 20s.  It's located in a hockey arena and can hold some 4,000 people.  Heineken does a pretty excellent job of making a fun zone and a party hall out of this venue.   By far the best pavilion we've seen so far.  We zoomed past everyone and had a few beers in the main hall before our dinner overlooking the beer hall.  The dining atmosphere wasn't that fine (it's in a hockey arena after all) but the food was really pretty good.  They had some crazy euro-pop bands who were pretty good, and we had money left on our card so we had to have a few MORE beers and listen to some music before we head back on the subway.  I knew the party was over for us when a girl forcefully knocked an entire beer out of my hand onto the floor.  Ah well, they're pretty small beers!  

More photos at:    CLICK to see Day 6 photos 

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