Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 8, Friday

What a weekend!   Perhaps numbering our days was a bad idea... I clearly cannot keep up!  Not when I hang out with Miss M anyway!  The Weekend started with a 4:30 Hockey Game, Hockey Game Friday evening - Czekslovakia vs Latvia.   I LOVE the fantastic vibe at these games.  Canadians all get on board with the underdogs and a great game ensues, no matter what the score. 

We checked out the Ontario Pavilion down at False Creek and were pleased to find only a short line up.  Our hometown Pavilion is a good one.... quality beers for only $6 and open airy, super clean space with lots of nice big TVs and a good feel to it.  Ran into a couple of RJ guys, had a couple of beers, but couldn't manage the standing until the entertainment started later that night, so we waked along False Creek and made a stop at the Asian Night Market outside the Edgewater Casino.  Good cheap eats!  I had been remarking that we could use a bit more accessible street food with all these people in town, and here it is, right on cue.  And no big lineups.  

Proceeded onto Yaletown and could not believe the crowds.  Crazy number of happy people all over downtown on Friday night.  The longest lineup was at the liquor store, so we could see it was probably time to head home.   The Yaletown LiveCity site had been filled to capacity for hours, so there was no chance to check that out.   Besides, we had a noon hockey game Saturday to rest up for! 

See more day 8 photos HERE.  

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