Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 12 Tuesday

Another mostly rest day, with no events planned in the evening.  We had to catch the Canada vs. Germany hockey game, and the Saxony House is right over in Stanley Park at the Rowing Club, so you KNOW we couldn't resist going there to see it.  The rain has come back, so there was no lineup at all.  There's no where to sit down and there are just enough TV's but we managed to make the most of it by drinking a few beers, making a few new friends and decided if we can't sit, you may as well DANCE!  

What a blast.  

The very best thing about these games is the happy attitude of our city.  Most of the people we meet are locals, but we are all out and about, being friendly, talking to strangers, sharing stories, feeling supportive of our nation, our team, our people.  It's the best, and I hope we can keep some of it after the Olympic Games are over. 

Party Pictures HERE 

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  1. Apparently the folks at Saxony House wanted to serve real German sausages, however, the LAW says that you cannot import them to Canada. So they hired a father/son team of sausage makers from Germany to make sausages at a local butcher. They expect to sell 2 toms of their sausages by the time the games end!


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